Guangzhou A & J Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Name:Guangzhou A & J Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Guangzhou A & J automation equipment Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise collection of production, sale, import and export. We specialize in design and manufacture automation equipment, respectively in the following aspects breakthrough technology difficulties and achieve several national patents, such as: 1. Micro-quantitative filling liquid 2. Micro-quantitative atomized and filling liquid 3. High viscosity material‘s conveying, filling and packing 4. Vacuum blood collecting tube production equipments about automatic feeding tubes and caps. Our company has professional technology personnel and the team, provides production of non-standard automation equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning one-stop service to medical treatment, medicine and food etc industries. The company product strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system standard requirements, strong technical force, and complete test equipments can according to the actual needs of customers manufacturing and design various types’ specification equipments.
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